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    2012-04-03 07:16:53


    Ingimage is a great place to find images, high quality and a massive range. I've been using them for a long time. They also have a free trial so even better! :) This is their website, check them out: http://www.ingimage.com/?refcode=efl

    2012-03-16 01:45:39


    Cool! Thanks for the great info. I really like your article and the collection. I've been using some of these collection before but since I found Kozzi.com. I've started to like their free photos and images and that's what I'm using right now for my blog.

    2011-08-30 06:52:06


    Wow ! You have explained all the important things in very few words. Actually, most bloggers don't understand the License attributions linked with a photo downloading(such as, Creative Commons, royalty free, etc) Thanks for sharing this valuable info!!

    2010-12-03 15:23:51


    Another website with free images: http:www.alegriphotos.com

    2010-10-02 11:55:26

    Karen Hatzigeorgiou

    I have three sites to recommend that have hundreds of free images: 1) karenswhimsy.com/public-domain-images 2) ushistoryimages.com 3) christianimagesource.com

    2010-10-01 14:11:50

    Daniele Bazzano

    Yes, it is. Last update is on Sep, 30th and the resource is updated weekly!

    2010-10-01 12:42:40

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    Is this updated? If not, is there an update?

    2010-09-28 11:26:42


    I think www.123rf.com is good. Not a free resource but it's pretty cheap.. you can get like $1 per image. All their images look great and they have variety.

    2010-09-12 18:33:44

    itürkçe ingilizce çeviri

    Good resources, but some of them are not valid any more. Anyway, thank you very much.

    2010-08-24 09:05:51

    Bob Davies

    You can find most of the sites mentioned here (the ones which are still active) and about 200 others (about half a billion free stock images in total) with my new firefox addon: http://addons.mozilla.orgen-USfirefoxaddon219720

    2010-07-28 05:18:50


    There are only 3 or 4 websites with non licence. Does someone found any websites without licence?

    2010-07-26 02:19:14

    Des Walsh

    Can't believe I haven't found this site before. Spent an hour or more yesterday exploring just a handful of the sites. Obviously it's a mixed bag and some sites will be more useful for most than others, but I found plenty to make me confident of being able to find good images for my blogs. I appreciate particularly the details in the site by site summaries, which indicate special conditions, such as the requirement of some sites for link backs (with which, I hasten to add), I have no problem). Excellent resource - thank you for all the work that has gone into putting it together.

    2010-05-21 10:03:02


    this is a great list. now i will never have to search for sources thanks

    2010-05-18 23:06:29


    Wow! thank you very much for posting this. I've been looking around for a good free stock photo sites but I can't find one. This will be very helpful to my new blog project this summer. Thanks again!

    2010-03-08 20:18:57

    Dez Pain

    RGBstock is a new source for high quality free images, both photos and graphics. There are currently 31,000 images available, and more are being added daily. Free to use on your blogs. Free for a lot of commercial uses (read the terms of use first). A fabulous resource that is going to be BIG! Here is the link: www.rgbstock.com

    2009-12-19 08:30:16

    Andrew Goldstiver

    Sprixi is great for finding and using creative commons images. www.sprixi.com We launched late 2009 with a focus on usability. Please try it out!

    2009-12-14 04:04:20


    Pictures are always a big problem to me. I know that there are many beautiful pictures on istockphoto,but they are two expensive. I also know stock.xchng. But many pictures on this site are too small. Anyone knows whether there are any other places to get good pictures?

    2009-11-22 14:57:23

    save relationships

    Stumbled here while looking for free pics...great info! Thanks;-)

    2009-10-01 05:56:55


    First time I have seen your blog and what a great post that was!Remember the saying “Genius is 99 perspiration and 1 inspiration”So once you have a great idea you have to work hard to turn it into a viable product that doesn’t just exist in your head.

    2009-08-28 11:18:25


    Very useful, thank you.

    2009-08-26 10:51:45


    Another website with free images released under a public domain license: http:4freephotos.com

    2009-08-24 14:58:13

    Saw Htoo

    Check out http:www.photovaco.com too. They offer photos for both personal and commercial projects without any restriction. All photos are high resolution and free to download.

    2009-08-21 16:33:30

    stock photography and vectors

    Interesting writeup and very helpful. You had some ones in there that I had never heard of but thought they were pretty good after checking them out. One warning I would say is always try to make sure that it is the copyright holder who has uplaoded the image and not someone who may appear to have stolen the image and then uploaded it. I’d also love it if you reviewed and added our site, http:www.cutcaster.com to your list. we are a new source of user generated photos and vectors that can be licensed royalty free and we set up our marketplace to be like the Nasdaw stock exchange. Stock Market — Stock licensing. Search http:www.cutcaster.com for royalty free photos, stock images, stock illustrations, clipart, vectors and free stock photography for advertising, publishing or web design. Download and find free stock photos and vectors for secure use in printing brochures, advertising, annual reports and electronic use on websites and presentations. Download free images at Cutcaster.

    2009-04-26 06:21:37


    FreeStockImages.org is new and has original images.

    2009-04-16 22:36:54

    Steve Gibson

    you can get free blog photos with code to simply cut and paste into your post from http:www.valuestockphoto.com

    2009-04-14 00:52:57

    Kerry Franta

    This saves much trawling through the net - I've put a link to this section on our website for educators.

    2009-03-25 10:04:41


    get there with 911tunnel.com proxy bypass beat internet filtering

    2009-03-18 10:25:10

    Ivaylo Popov

    Amazing collections!Keep us happy whit similar articles!

    2009-02-27 16:06:18

    Web designer

    Nice list. Used some of the links on my website. The list in the comments is good as well - though some of the images there require linkbacks to be legally used.

    2009-02-09 08:07:47


    Great read and some useful tips. Thanks a lot.

    2008-10-20 12:19:46


    Some good tips. Thanks for posting this.

    2008-10-07 08:30:21


    www.img-x.com is a source of high quality roylty-free pictures for free. Most of them are made in Russia and France (this site includes terms like flowers; cities: Prague, Paris, Moscow, Novgorod, St.Peterburg, Pskov, Vladimir, Peterhof, Suzdal; russian churches; landscapes.

    2008-08-29 09:28:16

    Vittore Fotografo

    Well really a nice collection of resources for free imagery. But remeber that for a personalized job you need to hire a photographer.

    2008-08-20 19:27:34

    New York Photos

    I have found excellent images for my blog at the Andrew Prokos Photography website (http:andrewprokos.com). He allows you to use certain images for non-commercial blog posts in exchange for a photo credit which links back to his website.

    2008-07-12 12:03:25

    Robin Good

    Hey findcollegecards, sure you can use royalty free images without incurring in any legal trouble. Just make sure you specify whre you have taken the picture from and provide credit and link back to the author or source.

    2008-07-12 11:50:29


    I have a question and I hoping you can help. If I download a royalty free image, can I use it on my blogwebsite without getting into legal trouble?

    2008-06-15 18:46:42


    Hi! You can use my photos for free at http:freeartisticphotos.com - all of them are taken by me and made Public Domain Cheers, Husac

    2008-06-13 00:41:32

    photo stock

    I found one photography search engine that meets the needs of all graphics designer and photo searchers. It has about 6 million photos! Please check http:xcavator.net

    2008-05-08 12:17:31


    Nice photos under public domain can be found on www.publicdomainpictures.net It's one of my favorite

    2008-04-04 03:43:10

    Free Stock Photos

    Hi, there's also a great new site for free stock photos at http:www.free-stock-photos.co.uk Cheers

    2008-03-18 12:52:21


    Large collection of free photographs for private and non-commercial use - http:freefoto.ca. ~ 3000 pictures with keyword search.

    2008-02-14 19:01:14

    free pic007

    Hi i found very nice source of free pictures: free picturesa

    2008-02-01 15:23:09

    Robbie Schmelzer

    For the best animal images, as long as you do not use them commercially, are here. Easily embeddable into your website, blog, or social network. animalplayer.com

    2008-01-18 15:14:41


    This has got to be the most comprehensive list of pic sites in web-land. Now, what about the 'visuals'? Are there web sites that offer video that's free for the taking? And good enough quality to be useful?

    2008-01-02 23:29:22

    Radu Pasca

    thanks for the post... great resources

    2007-11-28 23:31:06

    Blog Images

    You can find website image headers at http://www.themeheaders.com

    2007-11-23 14:45:34

    Dario Barel

    Hello I have a site that propose FREE photos, for personal and commercial use. Enjoy it!!

    2007-11-18 13:43:21

    My photo blog

    thanks for sharing... very cool resource indeed.

    2007-10-10 19:25:21


    This is such an awesome resource for free images. Very detailed and comprehensive. I came across a few other blogs on the 'free images' topic, but not one as comprehensive as this. Thank you very much for putting in the effort.

    2007-10-08 08:32:49


    I'm with Presentation To Video Converter http://www.geovid.com/Presentation_to_Video_Converter/

    2007-10-04 09:33:13


    I've been trying to get on different websites at school but this stupid websense thing is blocking me from every little thing i try to get on.What should I do?

    2007-09-24 14:18:51


    VectorMagic is an online tool for converting bitmaps into vector art - just upload your image and it converts it right away. Try it out at: http://vectormagic.stanford.edu/

    2007-09-24 05:31:14

    Geetesh Bajaj

    Robin, we put up this new site that discusses PowerPoint to Flash, and also inserting Flash content in PowerPoint:

    2007-09-23 14:58:53


    Media Batch (www.mediabatch.com) by Cinesoft will allow you to have file transferring functionality on your own website. It's mostly geared for film/video/audio/image studios. It's an entire upload, review, notation and approval process, for collaboration between studios and clients.

    2007-09-10 03:54:44

    Chris Jones

    I have used one viable alternative to do it your self vectors, a site called imagetovector.com create the vectors handmade for you. I am sure we all know about the problems associated with auto-trace - these people actually create handmade vectors. They seem to return the job quickly in my experience and also the pricing is very reasonable. I have used them for vector illustrations and flash - though they also claim to offer services for wireframe vectors (for use in CAD, t-shirt printing and signmaking etc).

    2007-09-04 20:50:41


    LeapFILE is probably the best suited for enterprise/business users, though it's not free. You get what you pay for...

    2007-03-06 07:33:11


    don't forget http://www.freewebphoto.com, small (700+) but growing free collection of images for personal and commercial use

    2007-02-22 12:43:15

    Rick Englert

    2007-02-18 15:19:36


    http://www.vintagepixels.com Vintage Pixels is a large database of historical, high quality, free-for-use images which allows people to share their archived photos. You can download images for print, or use in graphic design, as well upload images to add to the ever growing album of vintage images. The best part - it's all free!

    2007-02-13 01:16:28


    Vintage Pixels is a large database of historical, high quality, free-for-use images which allows people to share their archived photos. You can download images for print, or use in graphic design, as well upload images to add to the ever growing album of vintage images. The best part - it's all free!

    2007-02-05 23:53:49


    I have just started this (http://www.photoabode.com/) online photo repository of my work. Pictures on this website are free for everybody, yes! including commercial purpose. Very high resolution images are available on pay per picture basis.

    2007-01-13 05:54:08

    Fred Voetsch

    I offer my photos for free at http://www.picturesof.net/ as long as you provide a link back. Over 500 pictures as of January 2007 and more added on a daily basis.

    2006-12-25 20:46:35


    more stock photo free sites: www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm

    2006-12-11 11:48:48


    Wah!, what an exhaustive listings, i'm more than excited to find it. You have done one of the hardest work in the internet to share with us such a resource. Really you can say, your search for FREE Photography ends here. THANKS.

    2006-11-04 13:08:42

    Baton Rouge Photographer

    I really appreciate this list. Someone else on here mentioned www.microshots.org which I took a look at and found some cool stuff. I will definately be checking back.

    2006-10-31 12:25:23


    www.magellansalbum.com also want to mention this destination photo gallery that i came across the other day. their photos are very selective, and most of those are free.

    2006-10-31 12:16:03


    large collection of museum arts images on this website: http://visipix.dynalias.com/index_hidden.htm

    2006-10-29 07:42:31


    Piotr.Pix has a new URL. It's http://www.piotrpix.com

    2006-10-21 10:57:22

    Bob Jones

    Very good list, I found another site on my search for free photos cheers Bob

    2006-10-21 10:45:49

    Paul Mc Crory

    There's www.microshots.org for close-up stock photography taken at 3-5cm.

    2006-10-20 09:15:48


    Attantion a lot of foto, big page ;) http://www.areaface.com/images.php?countryId=-1

    2006-10-06 19:14:11


    wow, this is a great list! I have also an image site to add http://www.pachd.com/free-images/ all free to use

    2006-09-24 08:28:48


    stunning work.

    2006-09-03 23:58:32


    This is an excellent list of websites. Thank you very much for your hard work and efforts.

    2006-08-18 10:23:54


    A fantastic list of resources many thanks. Appreciate the time you have put into compiling the list.

    2006-08-09 07:19:43


    Thanks for this article. Another licence free photos can you find at my site www.clickfreepic.de.

    2006-08-02 04:21:53


    Wow! This is an amazing list -- a such great summaries of terms of usage for each of the sites. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this great resource. You can also find lots of copyright-free images on my web site at a http://karenswhimsy.com/public-domain-images/ . Thanks!

    2006-06-15 00:59:07


    Incredible amount of work obviously went into this effort, know that I really appreciate it!

    2006-06-12 02:09:39

    Nordic Photo

    Wow! That is a huuge list with good information. Best regards mike.rinnan.com alamy photographer

    2006-06-08 11:50:00


    Hi there! What a list, has to be the best on the net! Another site I like is http://www.freestockmagic.com Its new on the market, but looks promising, and all photos/illustrations are totally free!

    2006-06-04 22:02:48


    keep creating... Kris

    2006-03-29 02:47:47

    Forest Wanderer

    I have a lot of beautiful images from the West Virginia Forests. All are free http://www.forestwander.com

    2006-03-07 23:48:26


    Free Range Stock (http://www.freerangestock.com) has thousands of high-quality, high-resolution stock images, and they're ALWAYS free. Keywords searchable, too! Take a look!

    2006-01-23 17:23:57

    Owen Mather

    Check out Onutz Photo it has many images of amazing scenic views, winter scenes, nature and wildlife. You can download the photos or buy photo prints. The photos are available for commercial, educational and personal uses.

    2006-01-18 16:24:26

    Roy Tennant

    FreeLargePhotos.com has hundreds of photos free for non-commercial use that are 1,200 pixels on a side and can be obtained in higher resolutions by request.

    2006-01-15 09:22:57


    Wow! This is really an impressive list of free picture sources. May I suggest our site to add to your list? NationsIllustrated.com - Offers a searchable directory of pictures from around the world. Browse, submit, download, comment pictures and send e-cards for free. Thank you.

    2006-01-10 13:15:15


    Thank you so much! I was also looking for hours and when I found this site, it saved me many more! Great work!!!

    2006-01-08 10:51:27


    Another site with royalty free images free of charge is http://www.kingdomgraphix.com/gallery and also a new stock site just getting started is http://www.image-cafe.net Feel free to check them out :o)

    2006-01-04 19:08:59


    Robin, thanks! http://www.featurepics.com featurePics just started. They definitely give recognition to Photographers

    2006-01-04 19:07:50


    Robin, thanks! http://www.featurepics.com featurePics just started. They definitely give recognition to Photographers

    2006-01-02 18:49:58


    Just a note...you mention regarding PhotoRogue that "there are no terms on the site regarding the use of photos." If you dig through the site, you'll find on the Volunteer FAQ page that they are covered by the "Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License" by default.

    2006-01-01 13:55:43

    Spyware Adware

    Bomb page mate i wasnt sure where to get free images before i came here, thanks.

    2005-12-26 22:56:59


    Try CAPL for a visual lexicon, this one's in German, French and Russian coming soon. www.washjeff.edu/capl/

    2005-12-26 22:49:54


    Try CAPL for a visual lexicon, this one's in German, French and Russian coming soon.

    2005-12-24 19:24:56


    http://www.alvit.de/handbook - Vitaly Friedman's list on license-free photos

    2005-12-20 12:42:39


    Thanks for such great resources!!! I would also add www.fotolia.com , they have high quelity free images also

    2005-12-20 12:39:27

    Thanks for such great resources!!! I would also add www.fotolia.com , they have high quelity free images also

    2005-12-15 11:54:40


    Thanks God I found this site.. Such a nice site and really, really helpful..

    2005-12-12 15:53:03


    Thanks a lot. it's really helpful.

    2005-11-22 02:13:51

    roberto iza

    I think I just found King Tut's treasure again. Thanks!

    2005-11-21 16:43:45

    Nancy Collingwood

    A photographer friend of mine recommended http://www.totallyphotos.com (mainly because she sells her photos there) and although they are relatively small, they have some great shots. There is also an image request service (which I haven't used yet), but I did find what I'd spent ages looking for (sadly not taken by my friend though!).

    2005-11-19 19:55:10


    Great site thanks a bunch, i was lookign for hours for free images untill i found this.

    2005-11-11 16:50:15

    Liam Quin

    You might also like fromoldbooks.org, where I have hundreds of high resolution royalty-free images (mostly public domain) scanned from old and out-of-copyright books. There are pictures of castles, cherubs and printer's ornaments, alphabets, symbols, maps and plans, and much more. [I hope you only get one copy of the comment; it doesn't seem to be showing up and I get a Perl error]

    2005-11-11 07:07:34

    Liam Quin

    You might also like fromoldbooks.org, where I have hundreds of high resolution royalty-free images (mostly public domain) scanned from old and out-of-copyright books. There are pictures of castles, cherubs and printer's ornaments, alphabets, symbols, maps and plans, and much more.

    2005-11-11 07:06:35

    Liam Quin

    You might also like fromoldbooks.org, where I have hundreds of high resolution royalty-free images (mostly public domain) scanned from old and out-of-copyright books. There are pictures of castles, cherubs and printer's ornaments, alphabets, symbols, maps and plans, and much more.

    2005-10-27 23:49:17

    prom updos

    hey thanks for your article i have been searching for such websites..you made it easy for me..thanks a lot

    2005-10-14 17:10:37

    internet web site marketing

    Choosing a right graphic can be very important for internet web site marketing. Be sure to not overdo it though. Nice site.

    2005-10-14 16:21:57


    Here's another site that might be useful.. Have used some of the images for my website http://www.free-stockphotos.com

    2005-10-03 15:30:48


    Be carful with flickr. Although you're free to browse the photos and look, you aren't necessarily free to take and use them. http://www.vlan9.com

    2005-09-20 22:06:51


    Royalty free stock photos, images bank, stock photos available for print and multimedia. http://www.pixel-load.com

    2005-09-16 08:48:58


    Hi,We are building a collection of free for use photos, feel free to download and use them http://media.lytecube.com

    2005-09-13 08:32:19


    hey thanks for your article i have been searching for such websites..you made it easy for me..thanks a lot

    2005-08-21 22:17:02

    Brian online loan guy

    While I think that Iphoto would be a good choice, it could be said that shutterpoint would take the cake with variety. You will find that most if not all of these outfits will not allow people to merely take these pics without some sort of compensation. Still looking for a library that is not only free, but extremely comprehensive. Take Care, B. http://loan.valueprep.com

    2005-08-15 02:32:28


    Francesco Nice work

    2005-08-03 18:08:19


    Image Search Engines http://www.search-engine-index.co.uk/Images_Search/

    2005-08-03 17:58:50


    Wikipedia:Public domain image resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain_image_resources

    2005-07-29 07:51:20


    Sorry that i can't trackback to here!

    2005-07-23 22:21:01

    John Abbe


    2005-07-15 00:37:11


    Robin thanks for your interesting article, here are my favorite Stock sites: http://www.tofz.org/index.php http://server9.49pm.com/ http://www.9x13.de/ http://bildersuche.abacho.de/ http://www.alltheweb.com/?cat=img&cs=utf-8&q=&_sb_lang=de+fr+it+en http://www.artografika.de/bildarchiv.html http://de.altavista.com/image/default?qbmode= http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm http://www.buzznet.com/ http://gimp-savvy.com/PHOTO-ARCHIVE/ http://pro.corbis.com/default.aspx http://search.creativecommons.org/ http://www.creativepro.com/eservices/imagegrabber http://www.dino-online.de/static.html?dir=Suchen/Bilder-Suche&dino_page=bildersuche http://www.ditto.com/ http://www.ecb.int/ http://firma.eniro.dk/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/search/ http://www.fotocommunity.de/ http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/display/1660748 http://www.fotos.de/ http://freedigitalphotos.net/ http://www.freeimages.co.uk/ http://www.freephotos.com/ http://www.geekphilosopher.com/MainPage/photos.htm http://www.freefoto.com/index.jsp http://www.freemediagoo.com/ http://www.gettyimages.com/source/browser.asp http://creative.gettyimages.com/source/home/homeCreative.asp http://www.mausmalerei.de/index.htm http://www.photocase.de/ http://freefoto.blogspot.com/ http://www.imageafter.com/ http://image-crawler.de/ http://igi.imagegrabber.com/imagegrabber/ http://www.stahlseite.de/fo1.htm http://www.istockphoto.com/ http://www.istockpro.com/file_closeup.php?id=99772 http://www.istockpro.com/file_search.php?action=color&color=6,6,4 http://ixquick.com/deu/ http://www.ixuz.com/travel/html/index.php http://www.keystonepressagency.com/ http://www.keypix.de/data/deutsch/frameset.html http://www.morguefile.com/ http://www.morguefile.com/ http://www.openphoto.net/ http://www.openphoto.net/ http://orangetrash.d2.hu/index2.html http://www.ourmedia.org/ http://www.particularities.net/index.html http://www.pbase.com/ http://pdphoto.org/index.php http://gallery.photographyreview.com/ http://www.photo.net/ http://www.photo.net/gallery/ http://www.photoblogs.org/ http://www.photocase.de/pic_display.asp http://www.photolink.de/stock_agencies/B/b.html http://www.photorogue.com/ http://www.picsearch.com/ http://www.picstyle.de/ http://www.bigfoto.com/ http://piotrpix.piotrdesign.com/ http://pix.halal.dk/ http://www.pixelperfectdigital.com/ http://www.pixelperfectdigital.com/ http://www.pixelquelle-magazin.de/ http://www.pixelquelle.de/index.php http://www.premium.de/cgi-bin/wspd_cgi.sh/WService=ws_pwsrf/wshop/aws000-000.w?prog=aws100-000 http://www.punchstock.com/store/main http://stock.reh3.com/ http://www.ritzcamera.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HelpView?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&contentId=BigPrint+Gallery http://www.inmagine.com/ http://www.shutterstock.com/ http://www.free-image.net/ http://www.comstock.com/web/default.asp http://stock.diwiesign.com/main.htm http://www.sxc.hu/ http://www.stockvault.net/ http://www.02designs.com/stock_img/index.php http://www.unprofound.com/pix/ http://www.vismedia-online.com/ http://www.flickr.com/ http://www.webshots.com/ http://www.wireimagestock.com/ http://www.aboutpixel.de/ http://www.foodpix.net/ http://yotophoto.com/ http://www.zefa.de/index.html http://www.mfx.de/index2.html

    2005-07-14 04:58:57


    This page collects tons of copyright free photo websites: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=189815

    2005-07-08 22:37:22

    Photographer Bruce

    If you are looking for selection and low prices, I recommend http://www.shutterpoint.com

    2005-07-08 13:57:26

    Andrew Challen

    These are nice, I've found some of these before, what I've always struggled to find however is illustrations for free in vector format or large bitmaps. All i can find is very small horrible gifs.

    2005-07-07 10:56:01


    While not free, i would also mention istockphoto, which has professional quality images starting at $1. The peace of mind of knowing you have quality photos with absolutely no copyright or licencing problems is worth the small price

    2005-06-20 23:02:39

    ilan wosque

    Great site , true hi-resolution stock images for free. www.realimagebank.com

    2005-06-17 06:58:13


    Excellent stop. Just bookmarked.

    2005-05-06 04:17:39

    Mark Thomson

    YotoPhoto.com allows you to search most of the above sites (plus wikipedia) at once from a single interface. Over 50,000 free images are currently in the index. -M

    2005-05-04 19:20:23


    Hi, you can find really dirt cheap stock photography at www.shuttermap.com as well for under $5... all high res. Most of their images are from Asia, and they have a unique vision which is Framing the World through images!

    2005-05-03 04:39:30


    Another one: 1000+ free nature photos http://www.cepolina.com/freephoto

    2005-04-27 00:07:05


    oops - i mean ShutterStock

    2005-04-21 22:24:30


    you can also try shutterstock - http://www.shutterstock.com

    2005-04-18 06:26:41


    This is an awesome list of sites, thanks! I doubt the answer is 'yes,' being that these two sites are not free, but I'll shoot anyway -- has anyone tried either of these 2MB stock photo subscription sites? comstock1700k ($799, 6 months, 25,000 images) photos to go unlimited ($99, 6 months, 55,000 images) They advertise 25,000 and 55,000 photos, respectively...seems a good deal (though not free!) Anyone have experience with either? Or know of any other "lo res" subscription sites?

    2005-04-17 16:03:11


    Another great site here: http://www.ixuz.com

    2005-04-12 21:35:56

    F Storr

    I've used freedigitalphotos.net a few times. Completely free stock photography

    2005-04-12 15:03:39

    Rodrigo David

    the leading free stock photography site: http://www.sxc.hu

    2005-04-11 20:43:13

    Frank Michlick

    2005-04-10 16:48:17

    James Barker

    This great site provides genuinely free pictures for websites, newsletters and documents etc. They can be used for commercial and non-commercial use.

    2005-04-09 21:11:51

    Adam Messinger

    Outstanding! I only knew of Stock.Xchng before reading this article. Thanks for all the great resources.

    2005-04-05 10:09:26


    Loads of public domain photos at http://gimp-savvy.com/PHOTO-ARCHIVE/ Mostly stock NASA and wildlife photos.

    2005-04-05 00:48:16

    Anton Olsen

    Be carful with flickr. Although you're free to browse the photos and look, you aren't necessarily free to take and use them. Contact the photographer if it isn't clear.

    2005-04-04 15:32:11

    Brooke Browne

    Not really a stock photo site, this would probably be your last resort ditch effort to obtain a specific photograph. http://www.photorogue.com/ lets you request a photograph, and a photographer will try to fulfill that request for you.

    2005-04-03 20:28:33


    Morgue file requires that you obtain permission from people depicted in the images. Is that a common procedure and it is it a smooth procedure to follow?

    2005-04-02 17:02:46

    Ugo Cei

    You can find public domain photos here: http://pdphoto.org/







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